Saison Aperitifs (4pk)


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A whole family of seasonal, refreshing and complex vermouths from Melbourne chef turned aperitif nerd Dave Verheul (Embla).

These are small-batch, handmade vermouths that celebrate the bounty of the Australian landscape and seasons. Saison was conceived from the idea that new Australian aperitifs could be focused on fresher, seasonal, singular ingredient-led flavour profiles rather than the traditional heavy spice and caramel-driven profile of many traditional European vermouths. 

This pack includes:

House Vermouth

Dave's take on the sweet Rosso Vermouths of Italy but with the distinct Saison flair. A base of Victorian Moscato and Shiraz is infused with vanilla, over-roasted hazelnuts and two different types of wormwood. This great everyday vermouth should have a home in every self-respecting bar, home or otherwise, and tastes great poured long with soda.

Summer Flowers

A light, energetic vermouth that rewards considered sipping as much as thirsty gulps, Summer Flowers is infused with a mix of marigold, calendula, elderflower, chamomile and wormwood over a bed of Rutherglen Moscato. Apricots and peaches from a biodynamic farm on the Mornington Peninsula are combined at the finish, offering plushness to the concentrated floral mix.

Fallen Quinces

A true crowd favourite, this vermouth is made with beautiful organic pineapple quinces grown just north of Melbourne. Several infusions of quince are used alongside saffron, bay leaf and blood orange, blended with Dave’s Moscato base wine. This is the diamond in Dave’s tiara.

Spring Rhubarb

A celebration of vibrant spring rhubarb in all its pinkness! Here, infusions are made with organic rhubarb from two different farmers called Jo, as well as with fresh magnolia, lavender and violet blossoms. These are blended into the Moscato base, lightly sweetened with organic sugar and bittered using two kinds of Australian-grown wormwood. It is aged resting on more roasted rhubarb and fresh lilac flowers.

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